The beach of Agiofarago is located about 76 km south of the city of Heraklion,near Kaloi Limenes at the exit of the gorge of the same name.
Agiofarago is a small gorge south of Matala and west of Kalous Limenes . It is one of the most impressive beaches of Heraklion, right above which rise vertical rocks, which stand imposing. Agiofarago impresses with the crystal clear emerald waters, which are usually very calm, while the beach is covered by fine pebbles.
To the west, a beautiful is formed, under which you can swim.The beach owes its name to the fact that it was used by many hermits who practiced here due to the isolation it offers from the residential areas of Crete. According to legend, three hundred hermits lived here in complete isolation from each other. They met only once a year in a certain cave, which is near the beach and you can visit . Along the way you will find large caves inhabited by ascetics and the chapel of Agios Antonios.