South Crete Ride

Our History is a company founded in 2020 by locals in Kaloi limenes,South Crete in order to show its beauties around the world. Beauties that on the one hand due to the distance from the big urban centers is still untouched by the mass tourism with pristine beaches, whose beauty and grandeur are still untouched. On the other hand the biggest challenge for is to provide a full hosting service to the customer without being at the expense of its nature and beauty.Its main motto is to provide safe options focusing on the customer’s wishes, whatever they are. With a fleet of luxury boats, with cabin and toilet, with captain with diploma and license to drive the fleet ,the possibility of leisure, food and seating on the boat on the one hand, with affordable prices on the other. With excursions either organized with a specific departure and arrival time and rich options or organized on your personal taste.

Why Choose Us

No Hidden Fees

Maintenance of Boat

Experienced Team

Nobody knows Crete better than locals…

Do you have any wish? Do you want to realize any of your dreams in South Crete? Do you want to sit on a deserted beach all day? Do you want us to arrange for you to dream about your vacation? you are  on the right site.Send us an email at and enter the dream world of Southern Crete.